Client: Brunel University London & Action West London.
Job seekers working with Action West London.
Mobile game application.
Disciplines: UI / UX / 2D / Branding
Unity, InDesign, Illustrator, XD

Brief: Action West London wanted to engage their customers with a ‘serious game’ relating to the job hunt. The application needed to be created on Unity and would need to be accessible to a wide range of people.
Response: Working with one of my lecturers, we decided to focus on a 2D mobile game so that anyone with a smartphone could use it. We would need to cover all parts of the job application process including sending emails, preparing for interviews and ultimately, participating in a mock interview. Alongside one of peers, we took the visuals I created and developed it into a fully-functioning application in Unity.

A collage of moodboard images for the project.

Ideation of various minigames to include. You may recognise some of these in the final visuals.

Finalised logo with house background from the game. 

This is the overarching flowchart. There were four main stages (in yellow) and after registration, progress was saved in game.

Button UI suite.

Icon Suite.

Icon Suite.

A visualisation of one of the minigames involving collecting skills for a job.

A minigame involving making an impression at the interview by changing the look of your Wiser Self (a customisable avatar unique to each user).

The interviewer reacting to one of the users questions.

A minigame involving taking collected skills and experiences and attaching them to certain job requirements. This would then be taken to the job interview and add to the overall score.

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