Deliverable: 30-second Animation.
3D / Animation / Rigging / Texturing / Modelling / Lighting
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, After Effects

Brief: Our brief was to create a 30-second animation using three of the animation principles defined by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.​​​​​​​
Response: After analysing some animations, I decided to choose the principles of Anticipation (preparing for an action), Exaggeration (adding exaggeration to an action to make it more appealing) and Arcs (natural arcing motions in real-world beings). As a big fan of sci-fi (especially the darker versions), I wanted to set my animation on a spaceship focusing on a robot who is beginning to display humanlike emotions of wonder. In standard dystopian style, these feelings are squashed the robot is rushed back to work.

A collage of moodboard images for the project.

Still of viewport in Maya.

Gif of the build including frames from the animation.

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