Audience: Young people who don’t enjoy reading.
Virtual Reality application.
Disciplines: VR / UI / UX / 3D / Writing / Sound Design
Software: Unity, Maya, Audacity, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office
Brief: As an introduction into XR (VR / AR / MR), we were tasked with creating an application using one of those three areas. We were given a list of themes to choose from and I decided to focus on a narrative experience. 
Response: A few years ago, I used to do a lot of Creative Writing. One of my favourite horror short stories consisted of a man locked in a house as punishment for murdering his wife. This assignment gave me a chance to visualise it. I recorded my own voice as an ambient narrator and allowed the player to take on the role of the main character, as they explore the cabin and find out the truth.

A collage of moodboard images relating to all parts of the project, including art style and UI designs.

Preliminary sketches of environments.

Main play area as well as basement area, accessible by hidden cellar door under wardrobe.

Previsualisation of the experience.

A still from the experience. Apart from the trees and terrain outside / users hands, everything was modelled, textured and lit by me. 

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