Audience: Working professionals
Deliverables: Virtual Reality concept.
Disciplines: UI / UX / 2D / Iconography / 3D / VR / Print / Web Design
Software: InDesign, Illustrator, XD, Unity, Maya
Brief: Choose a brand and design a multi-faceted brand experience to build brand integrity and provide a significant service to users. 
Response: I chose AirBnB because of it's global reach and the significant impact it can have on the travel industry. When I first decided to partner it with VR, I had to conduct significant competitor analysis. What I discovered was, there were a few immersive experiences in the travel industry but they relied heavily on 360 video, rather than immersive and interactable VR. This was a chance to showcase an alternative offering for AirBnB that could evolve into something completely unique in the far future.
A collage of moodboard images relating to all parts of the project, including art style and game feel.

Existing brand assets.

Minor changes on existing assets to differentiate VR campaign from usual product offering.

Using the campaign colours and 3D airbnb logo, I created this brand identity to showcase not only the accessibility of the brand but also the future-looking nature of the VR campaign.

Character customisation screen showcasing collectables available in VR. Avatars are connect with Ready Player Me to allow for cross-platform use.

This is the main hub screen, showcasing a world map with nodes the user can interact with. These attention directors showcase friends online who are currently in experiences.

Concept built in Unity, showcasing an example of a French vineyard. Users can interact with the environment, hosts of various experiences and invited friends. Users can also buy real world products from the virtual world to build on nostalgia of past holidays or try new products for potential holidays.

These image showcases the website view with VR, allowing for users to book holidays directly in virtual reality.

References of assets.
Globe model:
Terrain Sample Asset Pack: environments/landscapes/terrain-sample-asset-pack-145808
Apartment Kit:
Grass Flowers Pack:
Dream Forest Tree.
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