Audience: 35-50 year old board game enthusiasts
Deliverables: Virtual Reality application.
Disciplines: VR / UI / UX / 3D / Branding
Software: Unity, Maya, Audacity, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
Brief: We were tasked with creating a game that utilises some form of AI, whether that is linked with gameplay or environment generation etc. 
Response: I wanted to focus on the immersive nature of VR. What could it bring to the world of games that traditional console or computer mediums couldn’t? VR allows you to immerse yourself in a different world so I decided to put the user into a board game. Aging Kings is a turn-based strategy game focused on either putting your king on the opposing throne or destroying the other users king.
A collage of moodboard images relating to all parts of the project, including art style and map designs.

Concept sketches.

Sketch of players view in the game world.

I wanted to capture the duality of the kings in the logo. Even though the colours can be customised, red and blue are traditionally seen as opposing colours, especially in fantasy settings. I added in nicks and cuts to enhance the feeling of being battle-worn. 

Overview of the world map.

Previsualisation of the user view, complete with command table.

Here is an overview of the game pieces that the users can place on the gameboard. 

Early development visual in Unity.

References of assets from Unity Store.
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