Allow me to introduce myself...
Hi, I am James Wilson (or DigitalJimJam). I'm an Immersive Designer & Developer. Previously, a graphic designer with 3+ years industry experience. Creative writer in my free time.
Whether it is GANs or Generative Art, it’s an exciting time to be a creative. Technology has limitless uses and when partnered with clear direction and creative aptitude, it can achieve something wonderful. Especially with Virtual Reality, technology can take you and your business absolutely anywhere. With a solid foundation across multiple sectors, lets create something glorious.​​​​​​​
Personal Skills
Virtual Reality / Unity / 3D / Motion / UI / UX / Coding / Branding / Graphic Design / Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Print Design / Copywriting / Marketing
Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
XD / Sketch / Invision / Webflow / Squarespace
Maya / Cinema4D
After Effects / Premiere Pro
Unity / Mozilla Hubs (& Spoke) / Virbela
C# / Javascript / HTML / CSS / P5.js
Audacity / Logic Pro
Game Developer/3D Designer with Action West London & Brunel University London (6 months)
XR intern with Vector76 (3 months)
Junior Creative Designer with Twentysevendesign
(2 years 9 months)
Digital Design Student at Brunel University (3 years)
Graphic Design Graduate of Shillington College (3 months)
Chair of Brunel Digital - Society dedicated to everything digital. I led a team of 10+ people to run creative events and workshops to champion our members.
Brunel Squash Club - Club secretary and played at regional level for university 2nd team.
ColorInTech Program - Participated and engaged with program designed to champion diversity in Tech.
PAL Leader (Peer Assisted Learning) - Running fort-nightly sessions with first year students and helping them with the course/university life.
Ternheads Ambassador - Hosting student takeovers for Ternheads, a networking organisations which champions Junior Creative Talent.
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